The Renzulli Academy Celebrates Pi Day!

Spotlight on Excellence     April, 2013


The Renzulli Academy celebrates Pi Day!

On March 14th students and faculty celebrated Pi Day with a variety of exciting activities!
In preparation for the celebration, students were challenged to memorize and recite as many numbers of Pi. Ricky Rojas was the winner for grades 4-6. Jovan Mercado was the winner for students in grades 7-9. Both scholars competed again at the celebration in front of the entire school. Ricky won by reciting 87 digits of pi!   
Jovan Mercado is on the left and Ricky Rojas is on the right

During the celebration students, created a paper chain to represent the number of Pi. Each number was color coded, so students could see when a digit was repeated.

Justin Munoz and Brianna Allen is pictured with Mr. DeJesus creating the pi paper chain.
Vernisha Johnson and Danielle Begin, two eighth graders, performed a song about Pi at the assembly.  Also, some of the students in Kindergarten recited a poem about Pi in front of the entire school!

Pictured from left to right: Eneida Gonzalez, Leona Goffe, Astha Ramesh

Students that donated canned goods were eligible for a PI eating contest, as well as the chance to throw a whipped cream PI at their teacher!

Rashad Robinson and Latanya Scarlett, seventh graders, prepare for the pie eating contest.
Astha Ramesh, a kindergarten student, threw a pie at her teacher Mrs. LaParre!
Ajah Reese- McKnight, a fifth grade student, throws a pie at her PE teacher, Mr. Barbieri

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