The Renzulli Academy gets a visit from a Creative Storyteller!

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE     Issue 18     October 26, 2012

The Renzulli Academy gets a visit from a Creative Storyteller!

Gail Herman has performed and taught storytelling extensively throughout the United States, as well as in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Jamaica, Germany, India, Ghana, and St. Thomas. She has touched the lives of many educators while presenting at UConn’s summer conference on gifted education, Confratute.  Gail visited The Renzulli Academy on Friday, October 19th. She worked with a variety of students from different classes.

Small groups of students in Kindergarten had the opportunity to listen to Gail share two stories while they had the chance to add movements and sound effects. The students then had the opportunity to retell the story by using the same puppets. This learning experience was fun for all involved!!

Students curiously look at one of the puppets that was part of the story!

Students from a small group pose with Dr. Herman after they had a chance to be the storytellers.

Pictured from left to right:  Leona Goffe, Eneida Gonzalez, Astha Ramesh 

Dr. Herman did a Porquoi Tale from Brazil with the fifth grade students.

Thomas Harlee and Psalms Howard are shown engaged in the conversation.


Dr. Herman visited the Exploration Africa Enrichment Cluster.  She shared traditional African dress, Kente cloth and instruments with the students. 

Pictured above are Hellen Garcia, Danielle Begin, Tiana Brathwaite, Tyler Francis and Latanya Scarlett.

Dr. Herman shared her love of African folk tales with the students and discussed how they could use instruments to create sound effects in their own stories and tales.

Above Danielle Begin (far left) and Tyler Francis (far right) look on as Latanya Scarlett practices storytelling with sound effects, guided by Dr. Herman.

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