The Superintendent’s Community Dialogue Sessions Attended by over 100 Engaged Families.

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE     Issue 18     October 26th, 2012

The Superintendent's Community Dialogue Sessions Attended by over 100 Engaged Families.

The Superintendent's Community Dialogue sessions were attended by over 100 engaged parents and family members who enjoyed candid, intimate conversations with Dr. Kishimoto and staff members about getting their students ready for college.  The first session, held at and sponsored by Capital Community College, explored the topic of College Readiness for elementary school students.  Many parents raised concerns, asked questions, offered opinions and shared their experiences. Dr. Kishimoto shared her personal story and read from Sonia Sotomayor's childrens book, "A Judge Grows in the Bronx."

The first session was captured on videotape by Weaver Journalism and Media Academy student and Identidad Latina intern, Jorge who had a chance to chat with the superintendent, the President of Capital Community College, Dr. William Nieves, and the Director of the Welcome Center, Marta Bentham.

The second session, at Trinity College approached the Middle-school years and how to get the "tweens" children ready for college.  The third session hosted by University of Hartford was all about getting high-school students on the path to college.  These sessions were moving examples of a school district leader who is accessible, involved and devoted to being there for the families of the district.  The families who attended were engaged and dynamic. If you missed the sessions this year, you should make it to the next.  Hartford Public Schools would like to thank Capital Community College, Trinity College and the University of Hartford.

Dr. Kishimoto shares experiences with Hartford families.

Families at Trinity College talk about getting their students ready.

Student cameraman from Weaver Journalism and Media captures the conversation, while Dr. Nieves, President of Capital Community College listens and HPS Chief of Staff, Dr. Alex Nardone takes notes.








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