Three Bulkeley Graduates Inspired by their Music Teacher Go on to Study Music Education

Three Bulkeley Graduates Inspired by their Music Teacher Go on to Study Music Education

Music teacher, Tim Ketterer flanked by his students (l to r) Didier Narcisse, Juliana Rivera and Everton James.

Tim Ketterer, a music teacher at Bulkeley High School, ruminated about his three star music students, Juliana Rivera, Everton James and Didier Narcisse, and all of his music students, "I've been teaching here for three years and in this short time I never thought I would make such important and deep connections and be so impressed by my students."

The three will be sorely missed as they head off to CCSU in the fall to major in Music Education.

Juliana Rivera, graduating third in her class, interns at Naylor school in K-8 music and helps to conduct the 6th – 8th grade band there.  She is a flautist, and has also experienced conducting the Bulkeley Pep Band.  Juliana will miss the band and Mr. Ketterer.  From him, she says, she has learned a lot and does not known what she would have done were it not for him.  Tim Ketterer says of Juliana that, "She is been a great student leader and a truly generous helper, helping other studnets with their uniforms, getting stands and instruments ready.  She is always the first to arrive and the last to leave."

When Everton James, Bulkeley's 2014 Valedictorian, graduates from CCSU he wants to teach music to 9th through 12th graders, and importantly, he wants to create a community band for kids who are not able to join bands, where they could learn to play multiple instruments.  That was somehting he wanted when he was a child.  He would like to give back to the community by providing that opportunity that wasn't there for him when he was little.  He was able to play drums at church when he was seven years old and loved music, so when he finally was ready to choose a high school he chose Bulkeley for its marching band.  He now plays the "quints" and the drums.  From Mr. K. he says he learned so much about reading music and about percussion.  With Mr. K.'s persistance he was able to work hard to learn the difficult college audition piece, "Raindance" by Alice Gomez,  which won him his slot at CCSU. 

Didier Narcisse, 2014 class president, who will take the summer early opportunity at CCSU's Bridge Program, plays the clarinet in the Bulkeley Marching Band, Pep Band and Wind Ensemble.  He has tried conducting and said it felt very natural conducting the pep band.  Speaking of natural, he has only been playing a musical instrument for two years, but he worked so hard, he was able to ace his CCSU audition.  From CCSU he would like to teach music at a high school level, keep playing the clarinet and the oboe.  Didier has only been at BHS for two years and he says that band room has been like a second home to him.  Mr. K. asked him, "Why are you not in my class?" so he registered and practiced so much that in one and half months he became a member of the wind ensemble. 

For Didier and Juliana, Mr. Ketterer called in some CCSU music majors to help teach the students the flute and the clarinet– on Sundays.  Every Saturday, he had other teachers come in to help prepare the students for their auditions — both Didier and Everton received free lessons from Connie Coughlan, Coast Guard percussioninst and CCSU teacher, and from Thomas Labadorf, professional clarinet player and CCSU teacher..  The students say that the CCSU auditions were nerve-wracking but they felt prepared.

Congratulations, Julia, Didier and Everton — and to Mr. Ketterer.



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