Transportation Services Hotline

(860) 695-8547

Fax: (860) 722-8095

busOur primary goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation for Hartford Public School students and families.


  • Monitor the excellent performance of our transportation providers
  • Provide timely and courteous responses to families and schools
  • Supporting all transportation needs, including out-of-district special needs
  • Manage the compliance of our vendors to provide qualified bus drivers
  • Manage the compliance of our vendors to provide equipment that meets state and federal guideline

Transportation Services are provided by:

  • SPECIALTY TRANSPORTATION: for district/neighborhood schools and in-city magnet schools
  • SPECIALTY TRANSPORTATION: for Special Needs students
  • CREC: (860) 524-4077; for magnet suburban transportation
  • Regional School Choice Office: (860) 757-6188; for students attending a non-zone school
  • Hartford Board of Education Special Education Department: (860) 695-8600; for all Special Education student transportation inquiries
All other contacts
Fred Till, Director of Transportation(860) 695-8547
Amra Velic, Transportation Coordinator(860) 695-8547
Ana Biffle, Transportation Specialist(860) 695-8547
Kate Bartalotta, Transportation Specialist(860) 695-8547
Diana Torres, Programs & Projects Facilitator(860) 695-8547

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