Volunteers Wanted for STEM Expo! (2)

Spotlight on Excellence      Issue 24     March 2013

Volunteers Wanted for STEM Expo!

Hello Past & Future Science Fair Judges. We hope the year is going well for you!

Well…it is almost “that” time of year again….registration for Hartford’s STEM Expo! This year, we have altered our traditional Science Fair just a bit. This year, a few exciting expansions have occurred –

New Name: STEM Expo
Three new categories:
1.    Filming
2.    Inventions
3.    Gaming & Apps

More information may be accessed via the STEM Expo's website: http://stemexpo.hartfordschools.org

The historical, Traditional Fair is still on….so this year, there are four categories, total.

Please take a few moments to complete the Judges’ Volunteer Form. It promises to be an exciting day with the students…and we could REALLY use your support, again, this year. Please, too, consider volunteering to judge in one of the new categories (Filming, Inventions, Gaming/Apps). Training in each category will occur on the morning of the fair, prior to the Expo. We have also attached the rubrics, to help you in your decision.

Again, thank you for your continual support of Hartford Public Schools.

We look forward to seeing you May 22nd! – Sandra

Sandra Inga, Ph. D.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Director
Office of Academics
Hartford Public Schools
960 Main Street
9th floor
Hartford, CT 06103

860-695-8733, office
Fx: 860-722-8084
Email: ingas001@hartfordschools.org

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