Welcome Gary Lotreck

Welcome Gary Lotreck as the Newly-hired Teacher-in-Residence

for Writing and Literary Arts

Gary Lotreck has been working in the Hartford Public School System for 23 years, teaching English at Hartford Public High School, Pathways to Technology, and Classical Magnet School.  He holds a B.A. in English, a M.A. in Secondary Education – English, a Sixth-year Degree in Education Administration and Supervision, as well as an 092 Administrative certificate.  He has been a B.E.S.T. and T.E.A.M Master and Lead Mentor, mentor, and cooperating teacher.    He also received the honor of being Teacher of the Year in 2007 at Pathways to Technology. 

After being sent to training by the Hartford Federation of Teachers, he taught a course in “Instructional Strategies That Work” at Saint Joseph College, as well as presented numerous professional development workshops on classroom management and instructional strategies throughout the Hartford Schools.  He loves to help new teachers, both guiding them and learning from them.  He knows that ongoing training for teachers of all levels of experience stands essential to effective education for every student. 

“It is a profession where one can continually improve.  Life-long learning is for all – students and teachers.”  From teaching 8th grade to high school to the graduate level, his vocational joy is teaching, whether it be teaching students directly or working with teachers to help them more effectively reach and teach their students.  Currently, as the Newly-hired Teacher-in-Residence for Writing and Literary Arts, he is excited to do just that – help teachers help their students for the benefit of all.


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