Welcome to Bryan Daleas


Welcome Bryan Daleas!

Please join me in welcoming Bryan Daleas as the Director of World Languages. Bryan held a two-year position as Teacher-In-Residence for World Languages at Central Office. During this time he worked closely with the Director of Humanities in the supervision of curriculum development, including the selection language proficiency assessments to monitor the effectiveness of curriculum implementation and language instruction across the district at all levels. Additionally, he collaborated with the Office of English Language Learner Services to begin framing a district-wide vision of language acquisition.
Most recently Bryan served as an Assistant Principal at Classical Magnet School where he developed and implemented professional development aligned with the Danielson Framework for Teaching and Hartford Public Schools’ teacher evaluation program. As chair of the Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment Committee Bryan has worked closely with staff in ongoing curriculum renewal.
I am pleased to have Bryan join our team and continue contributing his expertise to the Office of Academics.
Monica Quiñones,Executive Director, English Language Learner Services, Office of Academics
Hartford Public Schools
(860) 695-8649

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