Welcome to our New Teachers-in-Residence

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE     Issue 38     September 19th, 2014


Welcome to our New Teachers-in-Residence

Dario Soto, STEM Teacher-in-Residence

Dario comes to us from Betances STEM, where he was a 4th grade teacher. During the last four years he also worked with the Connecticut Science Center in the development of the inquiry magic. Dario has worked with Hartford communities for many years (coaching baseball and teaching dance classes).  Dario is excited to work with other educators that want to save lives through education. Dario is a self-described techie who loves playing with “stuff”.  So if you see him say Hi and ask about the new smart phone coming out.

Alan Levy,  Mathematics Teacher-in-Residence

Alan Levy is a certified Math and English teacher with over 20 years of public school teaching experience. At Pathways Academy of Technology & Design the past three years, Mr. Levy taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, Statistics, Robotics, Math for the Digital Artist, 3-D Modeling, and 3-D Animation. Prior to his assignment at Pathways, Mr. Levy taught at the International School of Port of Spain in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and at Espanola Valley High School in Espanola, New Mexico. He also taught locally at Coventry High School, Hall High School, Bloomfield High School, the University of Massachusetts, and started his teaching career at Weaver High School. Mr. Levy is the founder and former Artistic Director of Hartford Children’s Theatre and has directed over 150 plays in both professional and educational theatres. Mr. Levy received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Connecticut and his Master’s Degree in Integrated Studies from Goddard College in Vermont.

Tracy Kane, Teacher-in-Residence for the Literary Arts

For the past three years, Tracy Kane has been the theater teacher at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, where in addition to teaching students in grades 6-12 and directing and producing plays, she completed her internship for the 092 certification in intermediate administration and supervision.  In this capacity, she undertook a plethora of leadership duties and provided professional learning for teachers at both the district and building levels.  For 10 years, she taught high school English and theater at Farmington High School and served on the district curriculum writing team.  She also has been involved with the development of state assessments including CAPT and SBAC.  Prior to becoming a public school teacher, she held leadership positions in the education departments at professional theaters:  Hartford Stage, Honolulu Theater for Youth, and American Place Theater in New York City.  Her education includes a BA in Drama from Vassar College, an MA in Educational Theater from New York University, and a Sixth-Year in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University.

Andy Eaton,Teacher-in-Residence for Humanities (Social Studies & World Language)

In May, 2009, Andy Eaton completed his master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Connecticut with a focus on social studies, after which he briefly taught at Farmington High School and Farmington Alternative High School. In the fall of 2009 (and for the past five years), Andy has been a teacher at the Hartford Public School NAF Academy of Nursing and Health Sciences where he taught a myriad courses within the social studies discipline at grades 10 -12.  Besides teaching, Andy was involved in the leadership of the Nursing Academy, organizing and developing the school-wide talent show and numerous other student activities and events.  He also helped to develop and implement the Nursing Academy Summer Bridge program to assist incoming freshmen in their transition to the school and introduce them to the Nursing theme. Besides teaching, Andy enjoys hiking with his fiancé and two dogs, rock climbing, mountain biking and pretty much anything that connects him to the outdoors.

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