Winter Bus Transportation Opportunity

Winter Bus Transportation Opportunity

During the winter months, Chronic Absenteeism tends to rise and walking distance to school is a challenge for some of our students and families. To assist more students getting to and from school this season, Hartford Public Schools has introduced new bus transportation routes. These routes extend bus service to some students who currently walk.


• High School Students: 1.5 to 2.0 miles from school

• Middle School Students: 1.0 to 1.5 miles from school

This extended winter bus transportation opportunity launched on January 7 and runs through April 3, 2020. All stops will be corner stops and they will be within a half mile of the student’s home.

We believe that this transportation opportunity will make a difference for students, ensuring they are in school ready to learn every day.

In order to take part in this transportation opportunity, families can sign up by emailing or by calling 860-695-8547. Please leave student’s name, address and school of attendance in the message. You will receive a notification phone call or email back with your bus stop information.

HPS also introduced a new bus app for families. For more information, visit this page: