Wish to Resume Classes Wednesday, April 19

Wish to Resume Classes Wednesday, April 19

Dear Wish Families,

I am pleased to share that today we received clearance from the State Department of Health that, following cleaning of the building and testing of air quality, Wish School is ready to open on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

As noted in my previous letter, over spring break, contractors were in Wish school to remove old lockers. As part of a planned project, some insulation was exposed. As per protocol in this situation, we engaged experts to conduct testing on the material which revealed the presence of asbestos. Working with the contractor Eagle Environmental and with the State Department of Public Health, we developed a plan for the removal of the asbestos debris. Starting on Thursday 4/13/17 through Monday 4/17/17, the building was cleaned and air samples taken. Today, 4/18/17, we received clearance from the State that the school is ready to open tomorrow 4/19/17.

Since the exposure did not occur until the lockers were taken down on Monday 4/10/17, no students, staff and families were exposed. In addition, there is no concern about the safety of students and staff once the asbestos debris has been cleared and air quality tested.

Please note: the two missed days will be made up at the end of the school year. Additional information will be forthcoming. Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we remain committed to the safety and well-being our students. If you have any questions or concerns, as always please reach out to Principal Ryan or me.

In partnership,

Leslie Torres-Rodriguez



Summary and Timetable of the Work:

Monday 4/10/17:  Contractors on site of Wish School to begin removal of lockers

Tuesday 4/11/17: During removal of lockers, after suspicious insulation is discovered, Eagle Environmental is contacted and arrives to school to take samples for testing on a rush basis. Test results confirmed presence of asbestos in the insulation.

Wednesday 4/12/17: Eagle Environmental works with State Department of Public Health to develop a remediation and abatement plan of the asbestos debris. Abatement process begins that evening. Building is closed until process is completed.

Thursday 4/13/17: Further tests results reveal the need for an extended scope of work and that successful air clearance in time for a Monday school opening is not possible. School district determines that Wish School will close Monday 4/17/17 and Tuesday 4/18/17 to complete the remediation and abatement. Letters mailed to families and school messenger and emails to staff, family and partners.

Thursday 4/13/17 through Monday 4/17/17:  Remediation and abatement plan implemented and building cleaned. Air quality tests taken.

Tuesday 4/18/17: State Department of Health clears Wish School for opening.

Wednesday 4/19/17: Wish School opens. School messenger and letters sent to families, staff and partners.