Work-based Learning: Pathways Academy’s Corporate Partners Evolve the Success Stories of Tomorrow

Work-based Learning: Pathways Academy’s Corporate Partners Evolve the Success Stories of Tomorrow

Pathways Academy of Technology and Design hosted their 5th Annual Internship Appreciation event on November 30 at Goodwin College which included a Student Showcase, Presentations, and Awards.

Dressed professionally, prepared with business cards and elevator speeches, Pathways Academy of Technology and Design summer 2017 interns and candidates for 2018, engaged with business professionals from all around Hartford.  The night began with students networking and sharing about their interests and accomplishments and progressed into the evening’s presentation that included the superintendent speaking, spotlighting Travelers for their partnership and EDGE offering, welcoming back a Pathways alumni to speak and presenting awards to students and a corporate partner, CPEP (CT Pre-Engineering Program).

Seeing the energy and enthusiasm from students is wonderful.  The internship process can be overwhelming but when they pull all of the parts together and they get the chance to showcase their abilities, they become confident and they demonstrate the characteristics that make them such valuable resources.  Bringing fresh talent with a new perspective into every organization is so important.  Giving a new person a chance to explore a career path they never imagined could be a possibility for them is rewarding to the employer and empowering to the student.

Barbara Ramirez-Kerecz sharing Travelers’ Commitment to this talent through their EDGE scholarship and mentorship program.



Between the spring and summer of 2017, Pathways had 133 students working in internships around Hartford county.  31 unique organizations hosted students and mentored and supported their learning and development.  Confidence grew, doors opened and futures changed.

During the student panel, hosted by one of our NAF leaders, Dr. Andy Rothstein, Traynell Ifill, a current senior shared, “I wish I had gotten involved in the internship program sooner.  Once I got involved, I realized what I wanted to do with my future!”  Another student, who was a 2016 intern and then a 2017 intern lead for the CT Pre-Engineering Program, spoke about the meaning of her manager and mentor, “She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  I can’t thank Ms. Clark enough for all she has done for me!”

 American Eagle Intern, Jessica Colino, sharing her insights on the intern panel.


19 of the 95 summer interns were recognized with awards in the categories of Most Improved, Best Fit and Top Contributor.  The comments shared by managers who nominated their interns were amazing:

“Our CEO commented that he couldn’t believe this was a high school student for how well he compared to his college peers in the group. He was well-spoken, thoughtful, and insightful.  It was very clear what he learned/gained from the experience when he presented his end of summer reflection.”

“Hardworking, reliable, conscientious, dependable and intelligent intern. But, that isn’t why I’m nominating him. I am nominating him because he showed great leadership during his time interning with us.”

“Our challenge was to keep him busy for the eight weeks, not due to lack of work, but due to his keen ability to quickly learn and assimilate new information and, with our mentoring and guidance, produce accurate results.”

“She’s a team player, working together to driving collaboration and end user adoption for the good of the company. She’s built strong partnerships, demonstrating integrity and delivery and she has truly made a difference.  She strives to achieve high standards and continuously improve.”

What better proof that both students and organizations benefit from this program and the partnerships that form through Work-Based Learning activities, for which companies allow their employees to share their expertise with students, as well as through Internships when students can learn so much in such a short period of time.  The next generation of talent is developing quickly and has a lot to offer to the organizations of today who want to evolve to the success stories of tomorrow.  Education and industry partnerships are key to future success and opportunity is key to making bright, the future of these young people.

Manager Kevin Ryan of Cigna sharing how impressed with his intern’s abilities to adapt and learn new technical concepts quickly.


Pathways Academy of Technology and Design is always looking to develop more partnerships with area organizations and to expand their reach to help students.  For more information, please visit our website at: Pathways Internship Program.


Mentorship continues even after Graduation!  Shemar Samuels, Pathways Alum, CCSU Travelers EDGE Scholar with Alex Bogle, Cigna CPEP Executive Director David Beam accepting the Outstanding Partner Award Alex Martinez and Medhalit Chavez Pathways Alumni & Travelers EDGE Scholars



Submitted by NiCole Schlagheck, Work-Based Learning and Internship Coordinator
Pathways Academy of Technology and Design
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