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The Welcome Center is a one-stop shop for families that links students, parents, principals, teachers, employees and the community to available resources, and ensures accurate information and quality assistance for all. We provide all the information you need – pointing you in the right direction for everything from your child’s transportation, to early childhood education, health services, uniforms, and even your own education. Let us help you be a strong and full partner in your child’s education.

To contact the Welcome Center, please call 860-695-8400.


Our primary goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation for Hartford Public School students and families. Student eligibility for transportation is determined by the walking distance from home to school. Note that eligibility changes as students progress in grades. See general guidelines below:


  • GRADES K-1:
    Student lives 0.5 miles or more from enrolled school

  • GRADES 2-5:
    Student lives 1.0 miles or more from enrolled school

  • GRADES 6-8:
    Student lives 1.5 miles or more from enrolled school

  • GRADES 9-12:
    Student lives 2.0 miles or more from enrolled school

Hartford Public Schools Transportation (Hartford resident students) Services Hotline 860-695-8547
RSCO Transportation (Suburban resident students) Hotline 860-524-4077


Hartford Public Schools supports the full potential of each and every student. The goal of Student Support Services is to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to and benefit from the general education curriculum.

For more information about HPS Student Support Services, please contact 860-695-8450.


Health Services operates eight school-based health clinics and 18 dental clinics throughout the district, with school nurses in every building. Our primary aim is to collaborate with other health care providers, support staff, teachers, and parents to promote a healthy environment for students to learn at their optimal potential.

For more information about our services, please visit our Health Services page or contact 860-695-8760.


Providing nutritious food to students during the school day is part of our commitment to each and every student. We support:

  • Meal services at all our schools

  • Coordination with school staff, students and families to accommodate special nutritional or medical dietary needs

  • Nutrition promotion

For more information about Food and Nutrition Services, please contact 860-695-8490.