Nuchette Black Burke Steve Parker WTIC and Maura Cook UW  at United Ways Community Conversations 08262023

School is back in session, and on Saturday, August 26, 2023, Nuchette Black Burke, Chief of Family and Community Partnerships from Hartford Public Schools, joined United Way's Maura Cook, Vice President of Marketing and Development, for the August presentation of Community Connections with the United Way on WTIC 1080AM.

They discussed the upcoming academic year and September, now being recognized as Attendance Awareness Month. Cook emphasizes how many times children miss school due to factors beyond their control, and the resources that the United Way has to bridge those gaps.  

Chief Black-Burke gave  an update on how the Hartford Public Schools district is planning to handle the chronic absentee issue. 

Missed the show? Listen to  the podcast recording of Saturday’s interview here

Hartford Public Schools has a Welcome Center to assist families to help with any questions or concerns. Our staff is bilingual. You can reach the Welcome Center at: 860-695-8400.

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