Dhruv S Breakthrough Magnet School North

We are so excited to introduce a new monthly feature about standout students from our amazing schools who are excelling inside and outside of the classroom or making a difference in their community.

Dhruv S. is a 5th grade student at Breakthrough Magnet School - North. His reading/social studies teacher, Erin Kiniry says, "Dhruv exemplifies our character theme and is a leader in our school community. He leads with kindness in all he does. He is committed to growing himself academically and socially/emotionally. He ran for both student council president and Kid Governor, and participates in many opportunities throughout our school."

Dhruv recently ran in Connecticut's race for Kid Governor. His campaign was anti-bullying; Dhruv has such strong integrity and is a wonderful role model. Even though he did not make it forward in Kid Governor, he was elected as the 5th grade student body president. Through this role he will be able to continue his platform against bullying and have a positive impact on his school's community by encouraging unity...

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