New Year New You Be a Hartford Hero Attendance Challenge

We are happy to announce the winners of our Hartford Hero's Challenge!!  The academic portion of our challenge really helped in pushing these schools into the top 3!

  • First Place: Kennelly with 36 Hearts

  • Second Place: Kinsella with 34 Hearts

  • Third Place: BSTEM with 32 Hearts

The Challenge started 1/8/24! Students and schools earned hearts for great attendance and school-wide, character-themed activities. Stay turned for our March Madness Attendance Challenge beginning on March 11! See how some of our schools are celebrating attendance below!

Week 4
Kennelly has the lead with 30 hearts, followed closely by Kinsella with 27 hearts and BSTEM with 26 hearts!  Renzulli, MM @ Batchelder & BLL are all tied with 25 hearts.  

Week 3
Kennelly has taken the lead with 21 hearts followed closely behind by Renzulli with 20 hearts.  MM @ Batchelder, Kinsella and BSTEM all have 19 hearts with Webster and AF STEM with 18 hearts.  The challenge ends on February 16th with winners announced after February break. 

Week 2
After the second full week, the competition is tough with AF STEM and Kinsella tied for 1st with 11 hearts.  Close behind is Renzulli with 10 hearts, Webster and Kennelly each with 9 hearts and BSTEM with 8 hearts. 

Week 1
After the first full week, the competition is tough with AF STEM taking the lead with 7 hearts; Kinsella, Renzulli & Webster tied for 2nd place with 6 hearts; and BSTEM and Kennelly tied for 3rd with 5 hearts!  Global, MM @ Batchelder and Naylor are close behind with 4 hearts! 

At Wish School, Town Hall Meetings this week have been amazing! Student of the month gets their picture taken with our Photo Booth and a bag of swag. Perfect attendance winners get a sweatshirt, hat, or backpack and a chance to go to Flight Trampoline Park this Friday.

Stay tuned for more attendance news!