March Madness 2024 title graphic

Our sixth and final round of March Madness results are in & the winner is...

Renzulli Gifted and Talented Academy!

March Madness Winners Renzulli Students wiht the Yardgoats mascotRenzulli Academy students celebrate their March Madness win with the Yardgoats' mascot

Congratulations to all our schools - it was a great competition!!! Our next challenge is the Home Run Derby which will run from May 6th - June 7th and we will announce the winner on June 10th. Stay tuned for more details!

ACE March Madness  winners

March Madness was a 6-week tournament in which the schools with the highest Average Daily Attendance (ADA) in each bracket advance each week to the next round! Updates are announced every week about the winners of each bracket. The tournament winner will be announced on April 29th!

Here are the results for the 3rd week competitions & Hartford’s Elite 8:

March Madness 2024 Bracket Week Three ACE March Madness Week 3 winners

Congratulations to our advancing schools!!

The Week Two Bracket is here!

March Madness 2024 Bracket Week Two

The results of the Week 1 are:

BSTEM vs MM Fisher: MM at Fisher


Global vs Burr: Burr

ESM vs MM Batchelder: MM at Batchelder

Pathways vs SMSA: SMSA

Congratulations to our advancing schools!!

Our starting bracket is below:


mARCH mADNESS bRACKETClick here to learn more about the importance of school attendance.

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