At Capital Prep, each staff member leads an advisory group of 12-15 students. Each advisory meets multiple times throughout the week. The main purpose is to foster personalization, strengthening the relationship between each student and their learning environment. It is the responsibility of the advisor to monitor both social and academic development of each of their advisees throughout their experience at the school, while fostering a positive school culture. Advisors work to create affective bonds with advisees and their families.

Students are guided to be well-rounded individuals by guiding them through Academic, Social, Personal, and Wellness growth. Students are encouraged to create and successfully meet short and long-term goals in all four domains. Constant feedback is given by the advisory while the students tracks and updates their goals weekly. Student-led conferences are utilized for advisor and advisee assessment of these goals.

In advisory, students develop skills needed to become agents of change. Advisors promote this development by encouraging the creation and collection of artifacts, identifying, and facilitating public service activities and assisting in the development of the senior justice projects.