Clubs and Organizations

Capital Prep students organize, lead, and belong to a wide range of academic, artistic, social, cultural, and athletic clubs.

In the unlikely event you can’t find a club that aligns with your interests, we encourage you to create it yourself. Chances are there are other students at Capital Prep who share your interests too. While the list of clubs may vary from year to year depending on the interests of current students, the following is a representative sample of popular clubs and organizations at Capital Prep.

Students can contact their Advisory for more information about the following clubs.

Additional Clubs & Organizations

  • Arts Appreciation Club

  • Beautification Club

  • Board Game Club

  • Caribbean Culture Club

  • Choir Club

  • Digital Music Club

  • Drama/Theater Club

  • Flag Football

  • Hip-Hop Dance Club

  • Instrument Club

  • Media/Producing/Editing Club

  • Newspaper Club

  • Poetry/Creative Writing/Screenwriting Club

  • Robotics Club

  • Yearbook Club